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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Your Perfect Work & Career

Your Perfect Work & Career

Be in a field that you love. Follow your heart and bliss. Be willing to volunteer, intern, and do work exchange in the field you love, so you learn more about it.
Do your best at what you do and enjoy it. Remember that if you are not doing what you love yet, continue to work at it and stay in faith. Nothing is ever in vain. We can learn many lessons while we're moving towards discovering our life's work.

1. Get clear about your skills and talents
2. Make the commitment to do what you love for your livelihood
3. Be open do working part-time, internships, volunteering in the field you love
4. Read books on the work you want to do
5. Be patient and do the needed work
6. Stay connected to your higher self, spirit guides, and guadian angels of light for guidance
7. Study the lives of those who are successful in the field you love

Positive Affirmations:
My days are filled with fun and meaningful activities.
I honor my aliveness in all that I do.
I feel energized by all that I do.
My value and worth are increased by everything I do.
My path and life's work are my highest priorities.
The Divine Plan of my life is unfolding perfectly.
I know that I know what to do, and I now do it.
I live an inspired life. New ideas and opportunities flow into my mind.

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