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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Sacred Sexuality

Your Sacred Sexuality

This piece is focused on women and their sexuality.
By honoring your body, sexuality, bloodtime and life; you honor The Goddess.
Make the intention to start today to heal your sexuality.
There are a variety of ways to do this:

- Have clear & honest intentions for your body, partner, lovemaking, and sexuality.
- Recite positive affirmations about your body & sexuality everyday.
- Honor your blood time (menses) with respect, loving thoughts & quiet time.
- Practice keeping your eyes open during lovemaking.
- Learn more about your own body. Explore it, read about it, take a workshop, and make time to love yourself.
- Both you & your partner should wash your hands before lovemaking to honor the body & remove lower energies beforehand.
- Talk openly about your sexuality & lovemaking with your partner
- Intend to heal yourself on all levels of being and to honor all aspects of your body & life
- Intend to attract a partner that is self-loving, clear, honest, respectful, mindful, responsible, trusting & healing themselves

I honor my body.
I honor my sexuality.
My womb is blessed, balanced, and happy.
I treat my body with respect.
I speak well of my body.
I accept my sexual self with love & light.

For more info, visit "Honoring Your Divine & Sacred Sexuality" -

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