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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Your Perfect Romantic/Intimate Relationships

Your Perfect Romantic/Intimate Relationships

Be clear with the universe about what you want in a partner/lover/mate. Like attracts like, so the healthier you are, the healthier your mate will be. Be with a person because you love them and because you enjoy their presence. Being with another person because they make you feel whole, allow you to be co-dependent with them, and because you are afraid to be alone comes from fear and will not bring you happiness. Relationships are best when they are built on trust, truth, love, growth, respect, appreciation, and sharing.

1. Heal yourself first and you will then attract a healthier mate.
2. Intend on attracting a person who honors, respects, and loves themselves.
3. Be with someone who honors, respects and loves you.
4. Intend on creating relationships that are focused on health, sharing, fairness,light, growth, and love.
5. Read books on relationships
6. Ask your higher self, spirit guides, and guardian angel for guidance.
7. Create clear intentions about what kind of mate you desire

Positive Affirmations:
I release all negative thoughts and judgments of others.
I am magnetic to love.
I serve others to the best of my ability in all I say and do.
I allow people to be any way they want to be. I accept and love others unconditionally.
Everything I give others honors and acknowledges their worth.
I give good things to others and I allow people to give good things to me.
I recognize love or the need for love behind every word that is spoken to me. I always respond with love.
I keep my promises to others and myself.

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